Which vmdk was deleted?

An admin has deleted a disk from a VM. The only task you see in vCenter simply states “Reconfigure virtual machine”. So which disk was deleted? Where was it located? You can check this in the hostd log.


Enable SSH on the host that the VM was running on at the time of the deletion, log on, run:

cat /var/log/hostd.log | grep [VM name]


You will see entries like this:

2015-06-17T02:30:57.351Z [FFD9C920 verbose ‘Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/550c429f-8eb29ae1-4ebb-b82a71234f1d/[VM name]/ [VM name].vmx’ opID=F669BF69-00005F62-4c-70 user=vpxuser] Adjusting tracking state for disk /vmfs/volumes/550c429f-8eb29ae1-4ebb-b82a71234f1d /[VM name]/ [VM name].vmdk to state disabled.

2015-06-17T02:30:57.355Z [FFD9C920 verbose ‘Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/550c429f-8eb29ae1-4ebb-b82a71234f1d/[VM name]/[VM name].vmx’ opID=F669BF69-00005F62-4c-70 user=vpxuser] Disk /vmfs/volumes/550c429f-8eb29ae1-4ebb-b82a71234f1d/[VM name]/[VM name].vmdk: Tracking is already deactivated, skipping.


There you can see the location and name of vmdk that was deleted.

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