Test port connectivity in VMware Virtual Appliances

When troubleshooting connectivity for VMware virtual appliances (for example Log Insight, vRealize Operations Manager, vRealize Orchestrator etc) it can be useful to have a simple way to test that ports are open. Especially in DMZ environments with firewall devices.

In the past I have been asked by VMware support to manually install netcat but I recently came across a VMware KB suggesting curl could be used. This is a simpler solution than installing additional software and while the KB references the vCenter server Appliance I have confirmed the curl is available in the vROps appliance as well.


Expanding an Eager Zero Thick VMDK

Expanding an Eager Zero Thick VMDK via the vsphere client will result in the disk being labelled Lazy Zero Thick. I was not expecting this behaviour but it is described in an article by Cormac Hogan (https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/06/extending-an-eagerzeroedthick-disk.html). A user in the comments section of that article suggests the issue has been fixed in vSphere 6 but I have not been able to test it for myself.