VCAP-DCD – Passed!

A couple of weeks ago I passed the VCAP-DCD exam. It may be the most challenging exam I have sat since university. I felt the questions were fair however there are a large number of questions and it is important that you manage your time to ensure you get through all of them. My advice to anyone sitting the exam would be mark off the design questions as you complete them so that you know what sort of time you need to keep available.
In terms of study materials there is a wealth of material available. I would reccomend the VMware design course as it covers the core sections of the exam quite well. It is a course that encourages group discussion which is valuable for design, a different perspective can lead to interesting design choices that you may not have considered. I would also recommend reviewing the vsphere best practices documents, in particular the network doc which steps through some of the design decisions you may need to make.  Finally I would recommend the vBrownBag series of podcasts as a fantastic resource and contribution to the community.